EVO Series in Kaua’i, HI

Kaua’i Medspa is proud to offer the state of the art laser treatments with the Italian-engineered EVO Light Series, providing patients with best-in-class treatment results.

EVO Series

Kaua’i Medspa is proud to offer the state of the art laser treatments with the Italian-engineered EVO Light Series, providing patients with best-in-class treatment results.


After diligently researching devices that ensure both efficacy and safety for patients and provide a spectrum of premier treatments,Kaua’i Medspa in Kapa’a, Hawaii, is excited to introduce patienttreatments through the EVO Light Series.


As time passes, exposure to the sun and various environmental factors can lead to skin that appears worn,unevenly pigmented, or photodamaged. At Kaua’i Medspa, we extend cutting-edge laser skinrevitalization solutions to counteract the marks of acne, aging, and sun-related harm. Our EVO Light laser is designed with a personalized strategy to deal with numerous skin problems,ensuring your unique needs are fulfilled. The EVO Light laser utilizes flexible wavelength configurations andIntense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy to focus on undesirable hyperpigmentation, benigncolored spots, vascular issues, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Confronting aging’s natural indicators can be overwhelming, particularly during never-ending online meetings or viewing countless pictures on your gadgets. Thankfully, our laser system unveils methods to renew your look, offering you a smoother, more glowing complexion. With the Quanta EVO Light™ 4V laser,specific beams activate proteins in the skin that naturally rejuvenate, encouraging continuous skin refinement through multiple appointments.

Vascular and Discolored Marks

For individuals grappling with skin inconsistencies or conspicuous veins, the Quanta EVO Light™ 4V presents efficient solutions. Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), affected areas are accurately addressed and ‘mended,’ leading tocorrection over time. In the following weeks, the marks lighten as fresh skin supplants the affected area, andthe body naturally eliminates visible veins.

Acne Scars

Acne’s challenges can persist at any age, and each person’s skin may react uniquely to different treatments. Our Quanta EVO Light™ 4V meticulously focuses on the affected region, stimulating collagen production. This inherent body protein enhances skin resilience and transparency, effectively lessening the appearance of acne scars.

With the Quanta EVO Light™ 4V laser, Kaua’i Medspa in Kapa’a, Hawaii, can assist you with an assortment ofaesthetic needs. Get in touch with us today to explore what our proficient team can accomplish for your skin!

About the EVO Light

At Kaua’i Medspa, we utilize the  EVO Light laser to mitigate the effects of sun-touched, discolored, or slightly loose and texturally irregular skin. After a single session, improvement is noticeable, but achieving the best results typically requires aseries of treatments. The number of treatments varies based on the individual, the preferreddegree of correction, and skin type. Reserve your complimentary consultation online today!

We cordially invite you to meet with our medical experts for a Consultation, during which we can delineate the optimal treatment(s) to reach your desired goals.


EVO  Series lasers are designed to securely deliver a wide variety of treatments for all skin types. These lasers can eradicate pigmentation of various sizes, shapes, and shades, thanks to the broader spot sizes and energy wavelengths available. Conversely, EVO focused laser tool also transmits energy ideal for addressing leg veins.

The EVO Series includes design elements that enhance comfort and minimize recovery time. The lasers treat pigmentation as uniformly and precisely as possible, avoiding overheating and promoting natural healing. A cooling feature is also incorporated for IPL treatments to boost comfort.

The number of treatments needed will depend on each patient’s specific circumstances and the anticipated outcomes. Please schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience, and we’ll be delighted to formulate a personalized therapy plan for you.

The EVO Series Difference:

  • Faster treatments
  • Effective for all skin types and pigmentations
  • Designed for enhanced comfort via an integrated skin cooler.

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