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Kaua’i Medspa, located in Kaua’i, HI., provides a solution for varicose and spider veins using a procedure known as Sclerotherapy. This method entails using a special substance to shrink and ultimately eliminate the unwanted veins. The process is designed to instigate inflammation and promote scar tissue formation, essentially closing off the affected veins.

Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned, then a fine needle is used to inject the sclerosing agent. Post-treatment, patients might need to wear compression stockings and it’s often necessary to have multiple sessions. Although Sclerotherapy is generally safe, temporary skin discoloration or swelling can occur as potential side effects.It’s crucial for prospective patients to have a consultation at Kaua’i Medspa to evaluate their suitability for the treatment.

Don’t let varicose or spider veins interfere with your quality of life! Enjoy the comfort and confidence you’ve been missing with Sclerotherapy at Kaua’i Medspa. Conveniently located  in Kaua’i, HI, we’re ready to assist you on your journey towards healthier and more attractive legs. Contact us today to schedule your Sclerotherapy consultation and start your journey towards improved vein health.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy :


Sclerotherapy is suitable for many individuals with varicose and spider veins. However, it might not be ideal for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have certain medical conditions.

The number of treatments needed varies based on the patient, the severity of the veins, and the response to the treatment. Some may require just one treatment, while others may need multiple sessions.

Most patients notice a change in the appearance of their veins within several weeks, but it might take longer than a month for some to see the full results.

Most patients can resume their daily activities right after the procedure. However, it’s advisable to avoid intense exercise and sun exposure for a few weeks.

Although generally safe, Sclerotherapy can cause side effects like bruising, small skin sores, dark lines or spots on the skin, and formation of tiny red blood vessels.

The procedure typically causes minimal pain. Patients might experience slight discomfort when the needle is inserted and a minor burning sensation when the solution is injected.

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